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About SSNM

SSNM promotes, teaches, and encourages all forms of swing dance. Our goal is to enhance both the popularity and the expertise of swing dancing in New Mexico.

Our focus is on West Coast Swing; however, our dances also feature Night Club Two-Step, Hustle, and Cha-Cha.

We welcome new dancers with enthusiasm! Come join us!

SSNM Board of Directors

Alex Vlahos
Photo:Alex Vlahos
(505) 480-6232
Vice President
Art Dunn
Photo:Art Dunn
(505) 620-7568
Dawn Star
Photo:Dawn Star
(505) 856-1798

SSNM Volunteers

Correspondence Coordinator: Dawn Star (505) 856-1798 (Contact Dawn for info on dances, workshops, and other info)

Music Coordinator: Ron Solano

Membership and Scheduling Coordinator: Sarah Hartshorne

Supplies Coordinator: Patti Brown

Workshop Coordinator: Alex Vlahos

Video Coordinator: Karen Boulanger

Photographer: Dorothy King

Website Adminstrator: Kevin Heck

Strictly Swing... New Mexico

=> For inquiries about dancing in ABQ, SSNM dances, WCS lessons, workshops, etc., please email

=> With comments, questions, feedback on the SSNM website, please contact the webmaster.